Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Family Blog

I've been getting some complaints from friends and family members that I am failing in the communication department.

"Use your blog! Tell us what is going on in your life. Post pictures!"


I will relate the mundane daily activities and happenings in the Pike household. I can't promise pictures until I either a) find the cord that connects the camera to the laptop, or b) fight my way through the line on the family room computer where I can download the pictures off the card. Posting them to the blog will be an education in and of itself.

I haven't given up on writing about those -ity words. I have been occupied. I took my final a few weeks ago for Food preparation in the home. I earned a score of 97...missing three questions. How in the world did I miss three questions? I've been cooking for decades..and this time I even read the cookbook! Amy and the kids have been here for a couple of months while they rented out their house in Laramie and so Sean could find them a place to live in Colorado. It has been such a treat to watch their joy in life...discovering snakes and bugs, making friends with the neighbors, acting out imaginary plays, and learning how to cook and clean and be a family. Little Ezra has accepted me as Grandma and even seeks me out when he hears my voice. He couldn't even crawl when they first arrived here and now he is on the brink of taking his first steps. (We decided to discourage that action until his daddy could witness it first hand.) I will miss their voices echoing up the stairs and out in the yard and their warm hugs around my neck. They are leaving in a few days. I dread the quiet...yet at the same time, I look forward to getting our home organized and decluttered...and getting ready for the amazing holidays coming up!

What do you want for Christmas, by the way? What do you see as the ultimate gift?

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